Apple Pay Casino Sites with Gaming Realms Titles

Gaming Realms are the company behind the hugely popular ‘Slingo’. With over twenty different versions of Slingo the company has done incredibly well to create so many versions of the game. Here we list those casinos that accept ApplePay as well as feature the hit game Slingo.

Slingo Casino Sites – The Relationship Between Slingo & Gaming Realms

Gaming Realms is the owner of the licence to produce all official variations of the popular bingo slot hybrid game Slingo. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and its headquarters is situated in south-east London. Founded in 2012, the company is responsible for the employment of around fifty people, most of whom live in London and the surrounding area. Gaming Realms also has a game development studio based in Colchester, Essex.

The History of Slingo

Slingo was originally conceived by the American property developer Sal Falciglia in 1994. This serial entrepreneur founded Slingo Inc specifically to market the game, but it took quite a while for others to recognise the game’s potential. But things did take off eventually, with the game proving particularly popular in the United Kingdom. Bingo has been a major game in the UK for more than a century, with bingo halls becoming a major phenomenon throughout the 20th Century. They became a working class cultural phenomenon. Many early cinemas were converted to bingo venues, with a major increase in numbers in the 1960s, when the Government regulations on gambling were relaxed. In the late 1990s and the early years of the 21st Century, online bingo became increasingly popular. This was then followed by the rise of the online casino. The final factor in the foundations of Slingo’s rapid rise was the improvement in software and telecommunication technology which led to the increasing prevalence of mobile gaming. The stage was now set. Falciglia’s twenty year old invention could then become the ‘overnight success’ it appeared to be when it was unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. The clever mash up of bingo and slots was perfect for players of both formats, and the ease with which it can be played made it ideal for on the go smartphone play too. The success of launch was propelled by a major publicity campaign from its new owners. A licencing deal to market all forms of the game was signed in 2013 by Real Networks, who paid over $15 million for the brand, and then invested still more in its promotion. This paid off almost exactly two years later when the game was sold on again, this time to current owners Gaming Realms for around $18 million.

Slingo – The Game in Detail

Gaming Realms have done a remarkable job in expanding the popularity of the game, producing a variety of new formats which have taken Slingo far beyond the original concept. At the time of writing, there are already more than twenty different varieties of the game, with more on the way. The official has an amazing range of games, although unfortunately, it isn’t an Apple Pay casino. This is by no means a deal breaker though, because dozens of casinos which do accept the world’s most convenient online payment method do carry Slingo as a gaming option for their players. In addition to the original Slingo format, you will be able to find many of the new Gaming Realms spin-offs. Slightly confusingly, they are all branded Slingo Originals. This is especially annoying as, for many people, the original ‘Original’ is still the best. There are already too many different formats to list them all, but some have already surpassed the standard issue Slingo in terms of player numbers, and these are particularly worth pointing out here. Gaming Realms have done especially well in producing more hybrids of what is a mash up of two different games in the first place. The company’s linking of their Slingo brand with some of the UK’s favourite game and talent shows is particularly successful. Slingo Britain’s Got Talent, Slingo X Factor and Deal or no Deal Slingo are very well conceived ideas, linking the game with some of the nation’s most popular TV shows. Monopoly Slingo manages to pull off a similar trick with the iconic property trading board game, and the company have also produced a brilliant tie-in with one of the most popular slots too: their branded Slingo Rainbow Riches is very popular with both Slingo traditionalists and fans of the evergreen slot as well. The company have also begun to link Slingo with another regular slot genre with the release of some new formats carrying a Chinese Luck theme. These include Slingo Fortunes and Slingo Xing Yun Xian, which apparently is a translation of ‘Lucky Lines’. Other Slingo versions well worth a try include Slingo Berserk, Slingo Extreme and Slingo Showdown.

Slingo in Summary

You should be able to find a variety of Slingo formats at many Apple Pay compatible casinos. Not all of them are available at all casinos, as each operator will choose their own selection from the many available. New Slingo concepts are on the way too, as Gaming Realms continues to develop some impressively imaginative new ways to promote their brand.