Apple Pay Casino Sites with Gamevy Slots & Casino Games

Gamevy have been creating slots and casino games since 2013. Their portfolio is very widespread, with games covering virtually the entire spectrum of casino and other online and social gaming. Below is a list of gamevy casinos that accept ApplePay.

Who Are Gamevy What Do They Do?

Gamevy is a United Kingdom based software development company with its main office situated near Farringdon Tube station in central London. It has game studios in Berlin in Germany and Bilbao, Spain. The company also has an additional administrative office on the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar. The company is responsible for the employment of around fifty people. Founded in 2013, the company produces a wide variety of games for online casinos and other online gaming purposes. It took a major leap forward in 2018, when it merged with German gaming company Gluck Games to form the Gluck Group. Unlike with so many other ‘mergers’, which are really takeovers described as mergers in order to save the face of the junior company who is really being taken over, this one does indeed appear to be a genuine partnership. Gamevy founder Paul Dolman-Darrall is the CEO of the new group, while Gluck Games’ managing director Robert Lenzhofer retains his role too. The two companies had been working together for some time before formalising their co-operation. The entire senior management teams of both companies remain on board the new entity, also demonstrating the amiable nature of the new relationship. Gamevy co-founder Dan Rough is the new Product Development and Operations Officer, while Glück co-founders Arvind Upadhyay and Rafael Razim are also on the senior management team. At the time of writing, the newly formed group is responsible for around two hundred different games.

Gamevy Casino Games

The Gluck Group’s games portfolio is broad as well as deep. The company’s designers seem to be able to turn their hands to just about any kind of online game. For regular casino players, it is perhaps their slots which will gain the most interest. Their titles include Tomb of the King, a member of the Egyptian Pharaoh genre, plus the citrus flavoured 7 Up! and Cheeky Fruits. This outfit don’t just stick to established themes though. Elite of Evil: Portal of Gold is an innovative and unusual game which really brings their talents to the fore. It’s a six reel, six row game where the symbols shiver and drop rather than run on spinning reels as usual. It’s a unique game which really is quite entrancing to play. Their designers’ quirky humour and surreal imagination is demonstrated on other games too, such as Vomiting Unicorns. This is a strange mash up style game where the usually cuddly unicorns get to go on an unlikely pub crawl! A similar strategy of giving usually cute and cuddly themes a slightly disturbing twist can be seen in the colourful but disorientating Psychocandies. Another strange but successful hybrid game uses the company’s talents in other areas to design an unusual mix of a lottery game with a five reel slot mechanic, producing Spinlotto. A further area of strength is Christmas themed games. These can be great fun all year round. Titles include Jingle Up and Ho Ho Ho. Away from the well-established slots designs, the Gluck Group also produce some games which belong on the more traditional side of the casino. There are around half a dozen different formats of Blackjack and Roulette to choose from. On the instant games side of things, you will find lots of great titles to play. In addition to the usual Scratch Card format, you can play games like Crossword Riches and Snakes & Ladders, plus the football themed Red Card and Golden Boot. Online lottery games are another speciality. In addition to their slot / lotto hybrid Spinlotto, Gamevy also produce a range of more conventional Lotto formats, including Boss The Lotto. More unusually, you can also find some unique online Gameshow style games, such as The Heist.

Summerising Gamevy Slots & Casino Titles

The merger of these two tiny gaming software companies has resulted in an entity which is bigger than the sum of its parts. This matching up of their very different talents has resulted in an explosion of innovative games, with some very strange combinations of themes and mechanisms. Increasing numbers of casino operators are discovering Gamevy and Gluck Group games and making them available for their players. So look out for them at your chosen Apple Pay compatible casino.